Perspectives Unite

This posting marks the end of this fine blog (fine like small print, not like well-made wine).

The idea to merge two fairly streaky and inconsistent blogs, The Dishonest and the Honest Male perspectives, to create one lean mean writing machine was being tossed around for a few days and this past weekend, the two blogs got drunk... hooked up... and well let's just say a trip to Planned Parenthood is in the works.

I'll be making the switch over to collaborate with the Honest Male Perspective folks at the new location. The new site will be called - again - the Honest Male Perspective. We're hoping to stoke each other's creative fires and to roll out a prolific blog presence. What this means for you is that hopefully there will be a mouthful of male perspective waiting for you anytime you anytime you hop onto the internets and go for a surf.... depending on how often you surf.

So this isn't "goodbye," as much as it's a "smell ya later." Think of this as when the kids from Captain Planet got together with their crazy rings to create a superhero.... only less gay and none of us own a monkey. Bookmark the new site, add us to your blog reader, or just jot yourself a mental post-it note- but be wary that sticky crap on the back doesn't last very long.

I was really pretty honest the whole time. It was all a charade.

On a side note, I'm proud to be ending this blog on a posting that includes the words "mouthful of male". If I know a thing or two about SEO... and I do.. I have a feeling I would be attracting a different kind of crowd from here on out.


Drivin Me Wild

Just bought Common's new album a few days ago on the 'tunes (I waste WAY too much money on itunes - partially because I always by the full ablum). Anyways, my buddy Takis showed me this video the other day. Sick video- even better song. I think my favorite line is "..drivin' herself crazy like that astronaut lady."

Just try and listen to this song without humming/singing/beatboxing it for the next 24 hours. It's even stickier than that 'Chocolate Rain' song.


Quotes and quotes and quotes and quotes

Up until now I've always used IMDB for movie quotes. Today, I found something even better and I feel the need to share it - WikiQuote. Struggle to remember funny lines from your favorite movies NO MORE! Not only that, but WikiQuote has TV shows, books, people, proverbs and even video games! This might be the best website I've stumbled across since Barstool Sports. Jackpot.

FYI- I might start communicating solely through famous quotes and ICanHasCheezburger pictures. I apologize in advance.


Wily Mo Roosevelt

"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far"
-Theodore Roosevelt

This is one my favorite all-time quotes and I think it applies nicely to Wall of Man member, Wily Mo Pena. I haven't had a chance to comment on his departure from my beloved Sox yet - while I did a bit of speculation before the trade actually occurred. Mostly, I'm just happy for the guy. He always seemed... a bit simple, but more importantly he was reportedly one of the most gracious and polite members of team. He played hard, but still carried himself with an air of ease and coolness and that's why I picked this quote out for him. His departure was fairly sudden (while not unexpected) and could have easily been a bitter break-up. It wasn't. Check out this post he put in the Boston Herald:
"To my sisters, brothers and fans of the Red Sox Nation. I want to take a moment to thank you and the entire Red Sox organization for your support during my time in Boston. Your constant passion for baseball and your beloved Red Sox is unmatched and has touched me deeply. I will always consider you with a special place in my heart.

"The Red Sox organization deserves only the best and the Red Sox Nation is just that. Peace in life, Wily Modesto Pena."

I refuse to believe that he was the actual word-smith for that piece; I'm sure he had his agent or a PR person put it together for him. That doesn't matter though- it's the thought that counts. On a side note, I'm definitely going to start signing everything, "peace in life, Scott Modesto Barker." Well... maybe not the Modesto part.

Wily Mo sez: "Speak softly and carry a big glove."

These are some pretty damn gracious sentiments for a guy who was booed incessantly at Fenway for his lackluster play in the field. I'm glad to see he's already hit the ground running in the National League, hitting .375 with 2 HR's and 4 RBI's in 4 games.

I was always convinced that the Sox would provide a high pressure, high reward and high Latino atmosphere for him to succeed in. I was hoping David Ortiz could groom him into a Mini-Papi. You can't always get what you want I guess. So best of luck to ye, Wily.


Two pretty rad ideas

So I tripped, fell and landed on a few really cool ideas today. They were actually both on a cool website called Design Verb which presents some pretty sick ideas and and images from the world of design. I don't check it every day, but usually when I do, I'm not disappointed.

The first is a little more scientific and has to do with applying unique chromatic schemes to shirts, graffiti, road signs etc. which only digital image capturing can pick up on. The end result is a surprise image or message in your digital photography and/ or videos. They even offer a cool solution to piracy using the technology.

The second is something a bit more rudimentary and is something that should appeal to the little kid and the BBQ enthusiast in us all.

Both are equally innovative and tenuously linked to the world of design, but worth a look-see.

PETA's Most Wanted

Just caught this little doozy - I've been meaning to wax philosophical about Michael Dick... err umm Vick for a few weeks now. This gave me a good opportunity to spread my wings and flizzzyy.

Vick is a herpes sore on the mouth of humanity (insert Ron Mexico joke here). He went from being one of my favorite players to watch in the NFL and someone I consistantly supported as a guy who would destroy the running QB stereotype, to being one of my most hated organisms on the planet. Cruelty to animals is an intolerable offense. Cruelty to dogs is chickenshit and I hope he burns in hell.

I'm an avid dog lover. I think sometimes I might even like dogs more than people. I would break up with a girlfriend if she was cruel to a dog. Personally I think Vick should be forced to sell all of his fucking escalades and take 50% of what he earns from here on out (if he earns anything after he gets out of jail) and donate all of that to the American Kennel Club or something.

I know I'm not really bringing any fresh ideas or breaking news to the table here, but I had to get this off my chest. From this point forward, I will never trade for him in Madden Football again, I will not watch his nasty high school/college clips on YouTube and I will burn my pair of Nike Air Blacksburgs. The last thing I would want is some fool walking down the street, looking at my shoes and thinking that I support the abuse of dogs.

UPDATE: Deion Sanders is on crack. Again- not breaking news or anything.


Kanye West is not funny at all.

Okay, so I lied. He's a fucking humorous bastard. He made a parody of his Hype Williams produced video for "Can't tell me nothing," and it would be goddamn uproarious even if it wasn't made BY Kanye. The fact that he had a hand in parodying his own video is pretty respectable. Enough blabbing- watch the video. Let me know when you're done...

...All set? See? I wasn't kidding. It's pretty much the funniest thing I've seen in a while. It's right up there with a video of a fat chick horribly botching a rope swing attempt. I was trying to figure out where I knew the guy in the video from (his name is Zach Galifiankis) and the best thing I could come up with was the Sarah Silverman show. Anyone else got any ideas?

In conclusion, I was howling when I watched this video. Maybe it has something to do with my affinity for parody-type music videos*, but I could probably watch it about 10 times in the next 24 hours and still be laughing. Thanks for Scrozie for the heads up on this.

*Popkin and I came up with the concept for a parody music video to the tune of "Had a Bad Day" and it involved Casey Fossum and his bevy of sub-par pitching outings. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that we were sitting there watching our arch-nemesis Yankees lay a drubbing on the D-Rays and had to take our mind off of this, but we found it pretty damn hilarious. If you want the details ask either one of us and we'll be happy to indulge.


I'll take a little from column A and a little from column B

http://view.break.com/333832 - Watch more free videos

No comment really. Just watch it and either proceed to get offended or to laugh your neuticles off. Take your pick.